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Immigration and Visa Services

Relocating to Greece involves navigating complex immigration and visa procedures. Each situation is unique and may require all or some of the following. All our Immigration and Visa services are designed to streamline the relocation process and provide you with expert guidance and support.

Birth Certificate and Apostilles:

  • Assistance in obtaining and validating birth certificates
  • Guidance on the apostille process for international document authentication
  • Ensuring compliance with Greek legal requirements for birth certificates

Visa Application Assistance:

  • Assistance with eligibility assessment for different visa options
  • Document gathering and organization
  • Form filling and submission support
  • Timely and accurate submission of your visa application

Health Insurance and Coverage:

  • Information on the Greek healthcare system and insurance options
  • Assistance in selecting and obtaining appropriate health insurance coverage
  • Ensuring compliance with Greek healthcare regulations

Navigating Greek Immigration Regulations:

  • Detailed insights and explanations of immigration laws
  • Understanding your rights and obligations as a foreign resident
  • Compliance with Greek immigration requirements
Nelly Kontaxi

Relocation Consultant Expert

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Nelly Kontaxi
Relocation Consultant Expert

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