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Why Greece Relocation

Welcome! We are your end-to-end service provider for relocating to Greece— and we are passionate about it.


Was named 2nd best city in the world to move to in 2022.

Based on factors of cost of living, remote working, and work/life balance.

Research by Property Guides

Our Story

Nelly Kontaxi

Relocation Consultant Expert

Why did you select Greece for your move?

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Harness The Power
Of Experience

A holistic approach with integrated services.

With Greece Relocate, you can have confidence that a team of dedicated professionals is working diligently behind the scenes, leveraging collaborative partnerships to ensure your relocation to Greece is a success. We take pride in bringing together the right people, resources, and expertise – after all… it takes a village!

We prioritize transparency, honesty, and client satisfaction. Our commitment to ethical standards means that we operate with integrity, ensuring fair and ethical practices in every aspect of our services, just like a well-informed friend would do if they could take on the job of planning an entire relocation.

As real estate agents and relocation experts, we have extensive experience in helping families successfully move abroad. We also understand that when you decide to move to a new country, you want to ensure it is the right choice for you and your family. You seek an environment where you can thrive and there are numerous questions that need answers before you decide. That’s why we are not just a relocation company; we are also locals who are eager to share our love for this incredible country with you

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Is the retreat all-inclusive?2024-02-13T16:48:43+02:00

Yes, the retreat offers a comprehensive package, including luxury accommodation and delicious, diverse meals to ensure a seamless and focused experience. From the moment you arrive, everything will be taken care of for you.

Can the retreat accommodate specific dietary preferences and wellness needs?2024-02-13T16:49:27+02:00

Absolutely, the retreat offers a diverse plant-based menu that caters to various dietary preferences and wellness activities are incorporated to promote physical and mental well-being. Please contact us directly for specific dietary requests.

How are networking opportunities integrated into the retreat?2024-02-13T16:43:44+02:00

Networking is woven into the fabric of the retreat through curated events, casual gatherings, and structured discussions, facilitating meaningful connections.

Let’s Make Things Happen

Nelly Kontaxi

Relocation Consultant Expert

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